How To Choose The Right Commercial Glass Washer?

Pubs, bars, disco tech, multi cuisines, five star and seven star hotels and other party food catering Adelaide services or establishments use lots and lots of crockeries and glass wares that require an enormous amount of cleaning and washing efficiently. Hence all these commercial glass washers are used in all the reputed hotels and catering industry to maintain cleanliness and reputation of their business. Ware washers machines include many types of glass washers and dishwashers. All these washers can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. Domestic dish washers are very lightweight when it is compared with commercial dishwashers. A commercial dishwasher is a machine that relies heavily on the temperature and pressure of water. Commercial dishwashers increase the washing ability of the machine when the water sprayed on it. Hence, always buy a commercial glass washer to wash all the glass wares.

All the dishwashers are not energy efficient, but you will get several dishwashers that are available for washing various utensils like glass wares, crockeries etc. But be aware of the disadvantages and advantages of using these machines that assist in both kinds of cleaning. Before putting glassware and crockeries to dishwashers, you need to just pre-rinse the utensils in order to make sure that all the food remnants are cleared off.
Usually all these dishwashers are built in stainless steel and have a heavy duty finish compared with more plasticity of domestic machines. You may also get the smaller sizes starting from 350 mm basket machines ranging up to 500mm for encounter models. Along with washers, mixers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These mixers typically depend on the types and size of the job that needs to be performed. One of the mixers called planetary mixers that are really helpful in all the fields like construction, kitchen and many more. In the restaurants and hotels, chefs use this mixer to make dough, jelly, ointment, syrup and many more. There are even vacuum mixers types that can be used to mix wet paste, dry powders and ointment. It is the one of the most important mixing designs that assists in homogenous mixing. Planetary and vacuum mixers are having a wide variety of applications like mixing chemicals, adhesives, concrete and pigments, pharmaceutical and so forth.

Modern homes nowadays will consist of machines like washing machines, dishwashers. Hence these machines are largely used, so they need some maintenance services from the high quality service oriented company. Hence to repair all these household machines, Hobert appliance repair services is the best service oriented company that helps in repairing and maintaining your machines like dishwashers.

Along with these even the hood dishwasher service is essential. Because, in today’s kitchen, it has become the rage of having culinary hoods. These are utilized for many works frequently in homes as well as restaurants too. Hence the service of hood dishwasher is also required as hoods are used multiple times and kept for washing and cleaning purpose as many times in the dishwasher. Keeping clean hoods helps in keeping the kitchen clean and tidy by avoiding all items and grease that sticks on the wall.

Party Planning Tricks From Caterers

The feeling of accomplishment after organising a successful party can be exhilarating. Although a party is not only about food, we usually tend to unconsciously categorise the party as good or bad depending on the food we were given. Hence, planning a proper menu for any kind of party is very important. These hints from professional caterers will help you be a better host for your next party.

Plan ahead

Always make a plan before you go about blindly buying things for your party. Plan the list of events, the menu and your budget. Remember that you will have to leave time to mingle with the crowd as well as look into other aspects of the party. 

Once you plan your budget, picka suitable theme for your party and prepare an appropriate menu. Don’t get overexcited and pick foods which will leave you in the kitchen for most of the party. Doing shopping ahead of time is also a time-saver. Wines and spirits can be purchased way ahead of time. The others should be bought at least on the previous day.

Choose a suitable time frame

The party will only be fun for as long as you have the stamina to provide entertainment. Guests will also feel more inclined to come if it is held at a convenient time for them.
Catering for an open-house party will give you more time to spend with each individual guest as this will ensure that all of them wouldn’t come calling at once. This will lessen the stress for you and also make it more convenient for the guest. On the other hand if you hope to hold a cocktail make sure you don’t leave your guests hungry. Choose a time that will allow your guests enough time to have dinner before arrival or leave enough time after the party.

Hot food or cold food?

Ideally if you are catering Hong Kong for an open-house party then it would be best if the food can be kept at room temperature. If you choose a hors d’oeuvre menu it will make your life much easier of most of them will not get spoiled when left at room temperature for extended periods of time. Alternatively, food bowls that need to be kept cold can be immersed in larger ice bowls or on ice packs creatively covered in napkins. Hot food can be kept on a low burning stove. Just make sure your guests know that the burner is on!


You don’t need elaborate decorations to make your home look pretty. A few pieces of décor that can grab attention will be more than in enough for a moderately clean house. You do not need to have a spotless house to host a party. A few crafty decorations will fool anyone’s eyes.

Simplicity will probably be the best way to go, especially if you are handling the affairs alone. Start with the minimum menu and minimum décor to begin with and then work on then as time and your budget permits. This way you can save a lot of stress.